What We're Doing


12/11/2018 15:34

The Start With Hello movement was created by the Sandy Hook Promise organization. It's goal is to cultivate social inclusion in schools around the country and promote unity in communities. Peer Team elaborated on this amazing program by constructing a four day "spirit week" to raise awareness for the movement and get the students involved. For more...

The Peer Resource Team is a dynamic representative group of juniors and seniors, who are trained during a yearlong course to advise their peers in navigating issues regarding health, stress, relationships, depression, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs. Committed to developing leadership skills, the Peer Team also assists in the Middle and High...

New Student Breakfast

12/11/2018 15:34

Every year Peer Team puts on a new student breakfast to welcome the new students from grades 8-12! This year we enjoyed getting to know the students while eating a delicious breakfast during second period. One of the best parts of the breakfast was the homemade pancakes made by peer team member James Hetherington.

Senior Stress Reduction

12/11/2018 15:34

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Peer Team put on an event for seniors about stress management. Ms. Pardalis-Johnson came to talk to the group about how to manage stress and anxiety. She reminded students of the bigger picture in life and taught them how to make decisions to improves one's life.