7th Grade Bullying Discussion


Bullying can sometimes go unnoticed, or it may be visible but hard to interrupt, especially as a friend of someone in the situation. Peer Team has been working on finding ways to deal with current incidents of bullying and prevent future instances of bullying. This difficult issue is important to discuss.

The Peer Team met with 7th grade students on Thursday, November 8th, to talk about bullying. What does it mean to be a bystander? What should you do when you see bullying take place? What should you do if your friend is being bullied? What should you do if your friend is the bully? These were some of our discussion points in our small-group conversations. 

An important discussion point involved the following question: 

What should I do if I see bullying but do not feel comfortable approaching the situation?

Here are several options for when you are in an uncomfortable situation:
  • Come see a Peer Team member. Stop us in the hallway or come to Ms. Leitt's room to talk to one of us! If we are not there, you can ask Mrs. Leitt for help, or she can refer you to meet with one of us! :)
  • Visit Mrs. Pardalis Johnson located in the guidance office! 
  • Talk to a teacher or guidance counselor you feel comfortable with.
  • Talk to a parent, a sister, a brother, a grandparent, and aunt, an uncle, a cousin, or another relative.
  •  There is an anonymous question box located in the guidance office as well. You can write down the situation on a notecard with your grade level. The Peer Team will try their best to help resolve the situation. Your name won't be involved at all!

If you do not feel comfortable approaching a situation involving bullying then you should go get a teacher or figure of authority. It is easy to become a bystander so make sure you can recognize the problem. Sometimes recognizing the problem can be hard seeing as there are many different types of bullying. Some types of bullying are physical, mental, and cyberbullying. One way to recognize bullying is to look for tension between two people(or more). Usually where high tension is found bullying can also be found