JANUARY: Kindness Month!


Let's kick off the new year with lots of positivity and support of our peers, teachers, and ourselves! Even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way, and we know that statement has been said a million times, but that doesn't make it any less true! 

Over the course of January, the Peer Team will be running small activities and "spirit days" in which students can engage in random acts of kindness. We hope to encourage students to perform random acts of kindness whenever they can and as often as they can. 

Each Friday of the month is a Spirit Day!

  • Friday January 11th: TEAM KINDNESS! Wear your favorite sports team's jersey!
  • Friday January 18th: DREAM OF KINDNESS! Wear your comfiest pajamas!
  • Friday January 25th: RIDE THE KINDNESS WAVE: Wear your beach attire (sunglasses, leis, neon clothing, Hawaiian shirts, other beach shirts, sundresses, small pool floats, etc) Make sure you are still warm since it is winter! :)

Located in the Cafeteria is a BOARD OF KINDNESS. During each lunch period, you can write a compliment on a colorful note card for anyone -- a friend, a peer, a teammate, a teacher, a member of the cafeteria staff, a janitor, etc! -- and the notecard will be taped up on the wall. Over time, we hope to see the wall plastered in these notecards! 

On an upcoming weekday, members of the Peer Team will visit each lunch period and sit at a COMPLIMENT BOOTH. We are bringing in a ginormous bowl of compliments. You can reach in and grab a random one, but then it's up to you who to give it to! You can give it to someone you know or someone you don't know. Let's spread kindness in any way we can! Click the button below to check out the Compliment Booth in action.